The design for website was a new design for Market Works Research. The new website is elegant, clean, and green in design.  The navigation is the same on every page.

Website Design | CMS | Hastings MN

Netmajic offers website design for clients. We design new websites, refresh existing websites, optimize websites for the search engines and do maintenance on existing websites. In other words we do all things website related. You can also make your own content changes to your website.

Website Design, it's not just a website, it's a digital employee.

There are several options for a client to edit the content on their website.

The two most used ways are to use a website editing tool or have the site built using a content management system.

Netmajic prefers to use the website editing tool, Adobe Contribute. It is downloaded and installed on the client's computer. It costs $150 per license. Adobe Contribute simplifies web publishing by integrating authoring, reviewing, and website management in a WYSIWYG HTML editor. It is as simple as using a word processing application. You can visually see exactly where you are making changes on the web page.

Any free html editor can also be used.

Content management systems are popular, however, they add significant code to the website. This makes the website more difficult to be found in the search engines.

Netmajic prefers the cleaner code of a clean html website. Our clients enjoy the ease of use of the Adobe Contribute tool.

Netmajic has 30 years experience in corporate and venture business, marketing, and technology enabling business. When you talk with Netmajic, we will be discussing your business goals and how a website will work for you. Oh, and over 23 of those years, Netmajic has been designing websites.

Select your website design company carefully.

Contact Netmajic for an entertaining and enlightening chat about website design, your digital brand, and how to turn visits into profits with your website!