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Netmajic offers website design, search engine optimization, social media marketing, Internet marketing and VB visual basic / MS access database programming for clients. Netmajic serves clients all over the United States.

Testimonials from my clients speak to my work. I am very proud to serve my clients and to help them grow their business every day.

“I requested Michele to add "Organic Lawn Care" to our website as our new service. After a few days of going live, it appeared in the search engines and we got our first call for the service! Thank you, Netmajic delivers.”

Ryan C.

“Hi Michele!
I thought I’d let you know we/you got a compliment from “Google!” Well I think it was Google. We kept getting these robo calls about updating our Google (Places I think). We had been hanging up on them but yesterday I took the call to try and make the robo calls stop. The gentleman, who was very nice, looked at our Google settings and said stuff like” well you are setting great. You don’t need any help. The people you are working with are doing a fantastic job, etc. !!” He didn’t even try and sell me anything!! The only suggestion he had was to try and get more recommendations on Google. Not sure how that works, but we do have 7 reviews on Houzz now!!”

Thanks again Michele!!!
Tim A.

“We have been working with Michele and Netmajic since we opened in 2004. She is a detailed oriented person who puts a big focus on the needs of her customers. She designed our website and has helped us reinvent our business throughout the years when needed.”

Diane L.

“ Michele is very professional to work with and she did an excellent job designing my website about 1 month ago. I have already gotten several calls just from the new website design. She has followed up with us on several occasions to make sure we are satisfied. I highly recommend using Michele at Netmajic!”

Scott P.

“The first week our website was found on the 1st page of Google, we got a $40,000 siding order. Years later, the same client found us again and placed a $20,000 window replacement order. Thank you Netmajic, being found has helped keep us busy year round. ”

Mike L.

“I've added another massage therapist in my massage business. I'm looking to gain new clients by engaging my current clients and their social media contacts. Thanks Netmajic for the beautiful Wordpress web site, I can blog myself.”

Mary J.

“We are the creators of this website, along with the help of our web designer Michele Jennings of Netmajic. A big thank you goes to Michele for helping us develop our vision!”

Angela and Brenda

“Michele came in to do our website, but when we found she knew visual basic also, it was very welcome. We use an application built years ago. The programmer is long gone. She quickly came up to speed on the functionality and added a feature that saved considerable time with our client mailings.”

Dan D.

“Michele at Netmajic has done a wonderful job with our company website. Our site is consistently found on the first page in the search engines for multiple keywords and local cities and Michele is continuously looking for ways to improve the optimization of our website.”

Shawnessy S.

“Netmajic developed my website in 2006, and has been maintaining it ever since. Because of our website, I have been able to cut overall advertising expenditures by 75% while still growing our business. As a residential remodeling contractor our industry tanked from 2008 - 2012, but we were able to survive and prosper.”

Mike L.

“Very happy with how the site is popping up on my test searches. Thank you for your efforts.”

Jim M.

“Netmajic has managed our web design, SEO and Internet Marketing campaign for many years. We are very pleased with the results. Being found on the first page of Google drives our business.”

Colleen S.

“ I wanted to give you some details on the job we were able to obtain due to your work through the PPC campaign and the optimization. We received a call from a consulting company that needed 200+ boxes shredded on-site. We have since completed the job to their satisfaction. Everyone of our customer service reps ask each inbound phone call/perspective client where they learned about Incred-A-Shred. This specific client said that they “googled” Shredding Baltimore and we came up first. They called our office, we were able to meet their service date and budget. I believe we actually completed the job within 24 hours of the call. They were elated with such fast and reliable service. We have since done another smaller requirement for them in the past few weeks.”

Jeff R.

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