Michele Jennings, website designer, owner of Netmajic, majician.


Netmajic offers website design, search engine optimization, social media marketing, Internet marketing and VBA visual basic for applications / MS Access and Excel database programming for clients. Netmajic serves clients all over the United States and globally.

You and your business seek freedom from caring for your web presence and yet confidence
in a web partner to know your web site needs will be anticipated and ubiquitous….Leaving you free to concentrate your full attention to your business and your client’s “round the clock” needs. This is the first step of your freedom and confidence…knowing your web presence will support you when you are counting on it…speed your progress on your mission...give you the competitive edge you can take for granted.

Allow Netmajic to manage your web presence faster, personally, more effectively in every imaginable way.

Perhaps it is best to point to proven experience and performance. Websites are coming online everyday. Search engines change everyday. Social media marketing is the new wild west. Internet marketing drives your business. Mobile friendly websites are the standard. It comes down to people. Michele Jennings is the majician of Netmajic.

Michele is the owner and chief everything officer. With degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science, Michele is a proven Technology, Marketing, and Business Professional with 30+ years of industry experience. Her experience ranges from Fortune 100 corporations to new ventures affording you a value you'll rarely see from a web developer or web development company. She understands your business. She knows technology.

At the end of the day, you need a partner that offers much more than promises…you will benefit from a partner that can demonstrate performance. My years of experience is my example of demonstrated performance. Let Netmajic free you from your web presence worry so you can tend to business. Contact Netmajic for an in depth discussion about your website and custom software contributing to your company's bottom line!