Grand Marais Web Design, Seo, Responsive Web Design, North Shore, Minnesota.

Grand Marais Web Design provides web design, SEO, social media marketing, Internet marketing and VB programming to companies on the North Shore and Grand Marais, Minnesota.

Grand Marais Web Design is a web site designed by Netmajic and owned by Netmajic.

Netmajic is building an extensive web presence to be found throughout MInnesota in a desire to bring quality and personable web design to all of Minnesota.

As a long time resident of Minnesota Netmajic truly enjoys our beautiful state and is willing to travel to meet with Minnesota clients at their location.

This responsive web designed web site is an example of Netmajic's responsive web design capability.

Try it yourself by going to on your PC, then changing the size of your browser. You will see the smooth transition as it sizes itself automatically to the size needed. It rearranges the elements on the screen to fit the screen and place the most important elements first.

Learn more about Grand Marais Web Design and their responsive web design capabilities at

Contact Netmajic, 612-581-0332, for an entertaining and enlightening chat about responsive website design, your digital brand, and how to turn visits into profits with your website!