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Netmajic offers SEO, search engine optimization, for Minnesota clients. We design new websites and optimize existing websites to be found locally and nationally. The goal of SEO is to be found on the first page of the search engines in the free organic listings.

Search Engine Optimization. be found. be rich.

Search engines want your website to be found for the proper search terms.

Your goal is to "Be Found" on the most popular search engines for the correct phrase your potential customers are using to seek your services. The current goal for companies is to be found on Google's, Yahoo's and BING's First Page Results.

Search engines are a competitive business. Search engines use proprietary software to crawl the web constantly evaluating websites and placing them according to their own secret formulas. These proprietary software programs are called "Spiders". When the Spider visits your site, it is looking for the keywords that describe your business. The Spider also finds inbound links to your website from other websites which currently Spiders count as your popularity. Keywords and inbound links are called "Spider Food" in the industry. The website with the most "Spider Food" wins. To be found nationally is considerable more competitive than being found locally in a city or state. However the financial rewards are also more substantial.

Netmajic does extensive keyword research and competitive analysis. We discover the search terms people key-in to actually purchase your product. Once the profitable keywords are discovered an in depth competitive analysis is performed so your website will out perform the competition through SEO of your website.

Contact Netmajic for an entertaining and enlightening chat about spider food, SEO, and does your website have enough!

SEO for vistoryfoam.com website is found for the keywords custom foam packaging, case inserts, foam fabricating.
















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Netmajic, a web design, SEO, social media, Internet marketing and VBA programming company,serves clients in Minnesota, Minneapolis / Saint Paul.