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Netmajic is a search engine optimization, SEO, company. We design new websites that are optimized for the search engines and optimize existing websites for the search engines. The goal of SEO is to be found on the first page of the search engines in the free organic listings.

Search Engine Optimization. be found. be rich.

Search engines want your website to be found for the proper search terms.

Your goal is to "Be Found" on the most popular search engines for the correct phrase your potential customers are using to seek your services. The current goal for companies is to be found on Google's, Yahoo's and BING's First Page Results.

Search engines understand the value of local results. Many local businesses have little use in being found out of their city or state. Search engines make it possible to be found locally, such as a Minnesota beauty school for local students. Some businesses want to be found from specific out of region locations such as Minnesota fans finding a southern hotel near the Minnesota Twins training camp.

Netmajic does extensive keyword research including cities or an entire state, such as Minnesota. We discover the search terms people key-in to actually purchase your product. Once the profitable keywords are discovered an in depth competitive analysis is performed so your website will out perform the competition.

Contact Netmajic for an enlightening chat about spider food, search engine optimization, and does your Minnesota website have enough!

The Minnesota search engine optimization for mnschoolofbeauty.com website was developed ro attract beauty school students.  The students find class descriptions, schedules, and costs. There is a movie tour of the school.










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